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My involvement with Jeff Craft began when we employed him to manage our general contracting company in Peoria, Illinois.  Jeff’s score on our pre hire aptitude testing was most impressive and his common sense approach to estimating projects and managing staff proved to be invaluable over the years.  Subsequently I left the construction industry to enter commercial real estate.  Shortly after, Jeff left the same companies to start his own general contraction business, Craft Building Services, Inc.  Together with his wife, Kim, and additional family, Jeff has built a representation for excellence and competitive pricing.  Additionally, Jeff Craft has provided this area with professional commercial building inspections which has been greatly lacking.

Over the 14 years my business partner Joe Gehrig and I have been working together in commercial real estate, we have had the opportunity to refer many clients to Craft Building Systems for new construction, retro fits, interior rehab and general consultation. Many times we are asked for the names of two or three quality contractors and Craft Building Services is always on that list.  Jeff has always been very responsive to any request by us to inspect buildings, generate an estimate for construction, or consult with a client.  Proof of this has been the repeat business Jeff and Craft Building Services, Inc. has performed for many of our referred clients.  I was once told accuracy (truth) is the first step towards integrity.  This pretty much describes how Jeff Craft runs his business and personal life.

Bruce L. Alkire & Joe P. Gehrig, CCIM
Coldwell Banker Commercial Devonshire Realty

We have done business with Craft Building Services for many years.  Jeff is very hands on and very professional in all aspects of his business.  I would highly recommend Jeff for any of your building projects.  It is a very reputable business.

Larry Hampton
Hampton's Kitchens & Appliances

I have known Jeff Craft for around 23 years, working in conjunction with him as a subcontractor.

Jeff Craft is a very professional person to work for. He understands the scope of a project and what his subcontractors and vendors need to know, in order to properly price up their work, and execute that work. He is able to give the pertinent key information without unnecessary info that gets in the way of productivity. There will be a clear schedule set, and a couple of timely updates, without needing to constantly reiterate the deadlines etc. Jeff appreciates good workmanship and products that will serve the end-user for many years to come, and is willing to work with those that can provide that, rather than always going for the bottom dollar (regardless of quality).

I recommend Jeff as a quality building professional, with the trust and integrity that you want
when working in the construction industry.

Dan Gray
Dan Gray Signs, LLC

It is my pleasure to recommend Craft Building Services, Inc.  for all of your construction needs.

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jeff Craft through our move to a new construction location.  I thoroughly enjoyed and still enjoy my time working with Jeff and the whole Craft team.   Their honesty, dedication and impressive knowledge, has proven to be a valuable asset to our company.  Change has been difficult in our organziation for strategic solutions to our growing family dental practice needs.  Craft Building Services not only provided us with the proper direction but guided us to ensure that this relocation would be seamless and beneficial to our practice.  We made it through the relocation without any complications, impact on production or interruption in our day to day operations.

To be proactive in the cost and maintenance of relocating and building practices or remodeling other practices can be very intimidating.  Craft Building Services, Inc. will always be our sole construction management team.  Both cost effective and great to work with.  I highly recommend the same for you!

Shelly Ryan
Associates in Dentistry

In a winter that was challenging for building anything,   Jeff was able to finish our building on time and under budget.

I was amazed at his ability to get the electricians, plumbers, steelworkers, painters, and laborers to all work together under trying conditions to get the job done.

Jeff was always straightforward with me, honest, and I would highly recommend him for any job.

Rich Pestien

It is my pleasure to tell any of your prospective customers of the quality of your work, the accuracy of your price proposals, and your always timely response to emails, voicemails and when you're available, always taking phone calls. You have always been a great compliment to my efforts in my relocation management projects for Federal Warehouse and have made us look good. Your estimate was spot on, your arrivals were on time, the work was exceptional quality and both you and your crews were pleasant and courteous. That is why I will not only recommend you, but will use your company on any project that needs your services.

Bruce Resler CMC, RIM
The Federal Companies

Silvercote Insulation has had the privilege of working with Craft Building Services for over 20 plus years, and they are a customer in extremely good standing with us.  I have sold them several million square feet of metal building insulation throughout the years and Craft has always kept their account current as it relates to the invoices, paying within the terms of the agreement set forth between Silvercote and Craft.

Craft Building Services has been a leader in the metal building industry not only in the Illinois area but throughout the Midwest and has always been at the forefront of improving industry methods and practices.  With the years of service within the industry Craft has relationships with numerous entities within the P.E.M.B. industry and without a doubt is held in high regard by all.  Silvercote has provided Craft a wide variety of products within our product line, and they have always worked to find better solutions to insulating the pre-engineered metal building while at the same time keeping the economic impact of a project in mind for their customer. 

In my personal experience working with Jeff and Cole Craft, I have come to find they are individuals of integrity and have high moral character and business ethics.  They have always done what was right by me as a supplier while keeping their customers best interest in sight.  If I were to build a metal building and was in need of source I would definitely contact Craft Building Services.

Mike Mitchell
Silvercote Insulation