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In addition to providing a comprehensive metal building system, American also offers a variety of optional products sourced from reliable outside partners to accessorize and enhance virtually any building system, thus making American truly a single-source supplier for custom engineered metal building systems. Some of the many accessories available with an American system include:


InsulationInsulation image

No metal building system would be complete without insulation, available as either Blanket Insulation or Foil-faced Rigid Insulation in a variety of thicknesses and vinyl facings.


Pre-Assembled Walk Doors imagePre-Assembled Walk Doors

Completely factory assembled Walk Door systems include all hardware and the sub-frame (framed opening) for quick installation.

 Door Options and Accessories

Supplement a pre-assembled door system with factory-installed options and accessories to suit any need, such as standard duty or heavy-duty closers, panic devices, standard mortise locks, ball-bearing hinges, latch guards, or glass "lites" or glass panes available in narrow, vision, or half glass. 

Door Option 1 imageDoor Option 2 imageDoor Option 3 imageDoor Option 4 ImageDoor Option 5 image 

WindowsWindows image

Improve the view with a window system designed specifically for metal building systems, available in standard or custom styles and sizes in either Standard, Narrow Light, or Thermal Barrier options.



Skylight imageFor additional indirect lighting needs, translucent Skylight reinforced panels made of woven fiberglass cloth and glass fibers and created in the same configuration as metal wall or roof panels, provide an optimal solution.


Roof Curbs and Support System Roof Curbs 2 imageRoof Curbs image

Roof Curbs are available in a full line of options and accessories designed to support HVAC units, roof hatches, and other openings and have a 20-year material warranty.

Soffit Panels

Soffit Panels imageDesigned for commercial Soffit or fascia applications where a flush modular appearance is desired, Painted Steel Flush Soffit Liner Panels are made of 24 gauge zinc-coated or aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel with standard profiles available in 12" widths.


Downspouts and ElbowsDownspouts and Elbows image

Essential for proper drainage, Downspouts and Elbows are available in 29 gauge corrugated zinc-coated or aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel with a color coordinated pre-painted Kynar® finish.

 Pipe Flashing

Pipe Flashing imageTo eliminate the possibility of water back-up which can cause leaks, single-piece Pipe Flashing is made from an EPDM membrane and is flexible for mounting on any roof slope.



Metal Walkway Systems Metal Walkway image

To prevent standing seam roof damage during installation and routine maintenance, Metal Walkway Systems protect a roof from dishing or puncturing due to foot traffic and can allow roof access in any weather condition.


Ridge Ventilation

Ridge Ventilation imageBalanced Low Profile Ridge ventilation systems are made to best utilize natural forces and are ideal for hard-to-vent Soffit details, like zero overhang, stucco, or open-rafter applications.



Ridge Vents Ridge Vents image

To control the movement of fresh air through a building while removing hot, stale and contaminated interior air, stationary, gravity-flow Single or Continuous Ridge Vent systems can properly and effectively control air movement.


Wall Louvers

Wall Louvers imageWall Louvers provide excellent ventilation in vertical positions and are self-mulling and self-flashing, requiring no additional flashing to complete installation.



Gravity VentilatorsGravity Ventilators image

Designed for economical, low volume air movement to ventilate warehouses, light industrial buildings, attics, lofts, and other buildings, Gravity Ventilators create a free, unobstructed flow of ventilation air.